Karen E. Webber, J.D.

Karen E. Webber is the director of OSI-Baltimore’s Education and Youth Development program, which aims to foster the creation of inclusive and engaging schools and programs that provide students with the resources and support needed to succeed in school and into adulthood. Previously, Webber served as the executive director of the Office of Student Support and Safety for Baltimore City Public Schools where she drove policies and practices based that contributed to dramatic decreases in student suspensions and expulsions. Karen also served as a teacher, resident principal, and transformational principal of a Baltimore City Middle/High School where she piloted restorative approaches to education.

Prior to her career in education, Webber earned her law degree from the University of Texas School of Law and focused on civil rights. Webber also held various leadership positions in New York City government, and served as the executive director of the Public Justice Center in Baltimore and the Open Housing Center in New York.